Intellectual property

Intellectual property is a wide and complex field where the case-laws restructures the practice every day. This becomes even more complex when one compares its national laws with those of another country. Is a Law on patents in United-States the same as in Canada? How do trademarks work in the European Union?

Trademarks and copyrights surround our daily life and might have serious consequences on your business if not managed and handled with the proper expertise. You might have spent large amounts of money on developing products and a brand name of your own in vain not knowing the name had already been trademarked and copyrighted by another corporation or individual.

Has someone else been using your name, products or both? There might still have a way for you to take legal action under common law.

It might be quite beneficial, both financially and time wise, to seek counsel from our experts in the field at Cayer Ouellette & Associates before investing in new products or services. We have been assisting regional and national corporations in developing and designing their ideas, as well as in guiding them to prevent them from breaking any intellectual property laws.

We are familiar with international development and will help you bring your ideas to new heights and even cross-borders!


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07 Oct, 2022