Criminal & Penal

Criminal law is the oldest legal practice and yet it is deemed to remain contemporary due to the common law which builds on ever changing precedents. Our law firm has been providing services in criminal and penal matters for more than 10 years. Whether a specific offense is to be considered as a serious one or not, is always the question the judge poses himself. Our lawyers at Cayer Ouellette & Associates work hard to provide our clients with the utmost discretion and confidentiality, and treat every case as highly imperative as they realize that the verdict might be quite a burden on our clients’ future. Here at Cayer Ouellette & Associates, we work hard to minimize the penalty for your crimes as much as possible.

Our lawyers also work hard to provide those who have criminal records with the eligibility to travel to the States. Did you know that if you have a criminal record, you might not have been forgiven by the States jurisdiction even if have been granted a pardon by the Canadian government?

We understand that penal offenses, even if not considered criminal, could still mean "jail time", and therefore shouldn't be treated lightly; which is precisely why we treat every case with identical levels of priority.

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-Alcohol permit
-Review of publicity
-Review of label
-Special mandate

07 Oct, 2022