Alcohol industry

With over 20 years of experience in the alcohol industry, our firm has developed an outstanding and elaborate knowledge in dealing with the multiple aspects and development stages associated with the importation, distribution and storing of varied alcoholic products which are already on the market or will soon be. We represent both local and regional enterprises but also counsel international and public organisations in any and all aspects of the alcohol industry, including but not limited to corporate, permit, agreement, taxation, trademarks, litigation issues. We offer a complete set of solutions for you and your corporation and guide you through every step.

Your corporation wants to do business in a specific Canadian province? Your brewery would like to expand into the United-States? Or perhaps you simply need to audit your permits with the governmental authorities?

We can assist you.

You do not brew the alcoholic beverages, however, you would be interested in selling them, in being an agent or simply in opening an on-premise location in which you require a permit (a pub or a bar for instance)?

We can assist you.

You might also have more complex projects with which our firm can assist you in order for you to achieve and complete such projects.

Don't hesitate to contact us!


-Alcohol permit
-Review of publicity
-Review of label
-Special mandate

07 Oct, 2022